Electrical Power Supply
1 Electrical Connection issued in the
name of
Principal TTI Takatpur
2 Electrical Connection issuing
The Excutive Engineer, NESCO, Baripada, Mayurbhanj
3 Date of connection 1957
4 Whether three phase connection Yes
5 K.No. of the Connection 521102330024,521102340037,521102340039,521102340036
6 Meter seal No. NSC25693S, NESC01381C, NESC01381S, NSC19627C
7 Whether Diesel Generator Set
Avalable ? If yes, its capacity, Disel consumption and Payment.
8 Trade (Existing) Maximum No. of unit in one shift Power supply required as per norms in KW
    200 units per Trade/ shift 200 kw
  Trade (New)    
  Total Electrical load 190 kw
  Power supply available in the institute in KW 200 kw